Our Foothills studio is heated with Far Infrared heaters and features state-of-the-art sound, 2 full walls of mirrors, high ceilings and bamboo flooring. The Far Infrared heat penetrates deep into your tissue thus helping toxins, heavy metal, and fat to be excreted. Studies have shown that this deep penetration helps reduce the pain in the joints and muscles of patients with chronic pain, such as Fibromyalgia. Our intention is to maximize the health benefits of heated yoga through the technology of FAR Infrared heat while challenging the body and the mind through our various styles of yoga.

Step into our Old Mesilla studio located at 2489 Calle Principal and let time stand still! This beautiful space is nonheated and intimate, where smaller class sizes allow instructors more opportunity to assist individual students. Class offerings designed to assist beginners in a more intimate setting, while providing all practitioners with a beautiful, rejuvenating experience in the historic, special environment in Old Mesilla. We have partnered with our neighbor Ruby Sun Healing Arts to provide special deals for Indigo students, combining massage, accupuncture, and Thai Yoga. This space is available for private and small group sessions, and may be reserved for trainings and workshops! 





-Relaxation by producing gentle soothing heat

-Weight loss and fat reduction

-Pain reduction

-Detoxification of heavy metal and pollutants

-Strengthens the heart by decreasing blood pressure and improving circulation

-Promotes healing by enhancing the ability for cell regeneration

-Improved circulation due to increased blood flow from the heat

-Improved immune system

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