Carissa Owen

As a wandering creative in a perpetual state of excitement and distraction, yoga had been one of the many "should's" in my life. In 2015, I committed to nourishment as a core value and started a regular practice. It was then I realized: Yoga is beyond doing or getting the pose "right."It is system to access the wisdom of the body, bringing it into the conscious mind. Our bodies carry all that we disassociate from, every moment we tuck away without fully expressing ourselves or releasing. We can easily go through our lives without realizing the weight of this unacknowledged energy. The mat becomes a sanctuary; a safe space to gently approach these lessons. Releasing and integrating our beings fully; embodying the pieces within ourselves. I believe each individual has to find their own gateway into yoga. Their own personal entrance into the 6000 year old practice that contains so much magic and medicine. My gateway came in the form of Buti Yoga and Rocket: playful practices, that focus on strengthening and cultivating the creative inner teacher as personal medicine. I cannot wait to share and sweat it out on the mat together!Certifications: 200 hour Yoga Alliance through BUTI Yoga

Carissa Owen is currently not instructing any classes.