Benito Dutcher

It was December of 2014 that I walked into a yoga studio. I had heard about yoga. I thought it was about breathing, stretching and Hindu gods, which is all fine, but I wanted a workout. (That makes me smile because of the many times I have found myself in child pose looking for the energy to keep going, no matter how effortless I had intended my practice to be--maybe especially because I had made this intention.) Then I found Bikyasa and I was in heaven and in love. I left those classes feeling like superman with the wind at his back. I had to fight the urge to leap off tall buildings. I like to describe Bikyasa as the barb on the hook of yoga that didn't allow me to spit it out. Not the prettiest of analogies, but it is a good one. The workout I found was not just for the body and mind, but for the Spirit, Mind and Body, and in that order.

Benito Dutcher instructs the following:
  • Bik-Yasa
  • Creative high energy fusion of bikram and vinyasa practiced in high humidity and heat. Bring towel and water. Get ready to sweat and challenge your mind!!!  ALL LEVEL  HEAT: HIGH (95F+) HUMIDITY: ~40%