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Saharu Oda
Saharu dove deeply into practice in NYC. Through yoga, Saharu was able to find grounding during her dental school years and in her go-go-go lifestyle of living in NYC. She is extremely grateful of her experience of living in in the city where there are yoga studios on every block. Due to that, she was able to experience many styles of yoga such as: Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga, Prana Flow, Anusara, Jivamukti, and Kundalini to name a few. Saharu hopes to bring the same love she experienced through yoga to her community to help them cope with their daily stresses. With that intention, she was motivated to open Indigo Yoga here in Las Cruces. She aspires to create the inner-calmness that she finds every time she settles into her mat after her long day of work as a dentist.
Jaclyn Trejo
Jaclyn found yoga back in 2009 in her living room watching a DVD, during a time of personal struggles. Through self-taught yoga, she found self-love and peace within herself. She quickly fell into a consistent, dedicated practice of mostly Hot Vinyasa, while living in San Antonio, TX, having the honor of practicing with some of the best instructors in the country. Jaclyn was influenced to teach and share her love of yoga with others when she relocated back home to New Mexico. She received her 200 YTT certification through Casa De Yoga in El Paso TX in 2015, and plans on continuing her education to help others that may be going through their own personal struggles by finding peace on and off the mat, and creating their own sacred space. Yoga has become a huge part of her life giving her the time a space she needs being a stay at home mom of three. Through a variety of poses, and conscious sequencing, Jaclyn's classes will build strength, flexibility, and balance through stability, as well as provide the space to discover the truth in transition, and the sense of lightness you're looking for in your practice.
Holly Rae Bemis-Schurtz
Holly Rae, M.A., E-RYT 200, is an Instructional Designer who received her 200 hour RYT Yoga Alliance certification from Downtown Desert Yoga’s Open Doors Studios Teacher Training program in 2011. She began her exploration of yoga with community classes at NMSU and old fashioned ‘DVDs’ in 2000 but was amazed by the changes in her mind and body after joining Desert Yoga in 2006 under the the guidance of Kim Inman-Chormicle. Yoga has enabled her to do important work in her life beyond her physical body addressing workaholism, stress, and anxiety. With the support of that community, her yogi friends and teachers, her practice developed in to include teaching Slow Flow, Hot Yoga, Hot Flow, Power Flow, Buti Yoga, yogaHour, and The Rocket system of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. She credits yoga with transforming her life and her goal is to offer a safe, supportive and challenging practice. In 2016 she completed a 50 hour It’s Yoga International Rocket Training with Leigh Gregory in Cancun, Mexico, a YogaHour Instructor immersion led by Darren Rhodes, and also completed Buti Yoga and Hot Buti Yoga Certification with Crystal Palermo at Indigo Yoga in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

Website: http://lcyogi.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lcyogi/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/lcyogis/
Twitter: http://twitter.com/hollyrae

Meg Long
Meg Long began her 13 + years of yoga practice while serving as a Peace Corps volunteer in Kenya. She found the meditative aspect of yoga helped to maintain her mental well-being while working with high risk populations in extremely stressful environments. Throughout her 14 years of successful work in Social Services, she has found yoga to be a strong foundation for staying motivated and determined. Her love of helping others through difficult times led to a transition into teaching, initially through trauma informed yoga for community members recovering from alcohol and drug addiction. She found not only does the meditative aspect of yoga help with emotion healing, but also with physical healing. Though the Hot 26 series, Meg was able to heal her torn rotator cuff without the aid surgery. She also works for the Wellness, Alcohol, and Violence Education program at NMSU and teaches several Public Health courses.
PS She loves the heat, hope you do to!
Benito Dutcher
It was December of 2014 that I walked into a yoga studio. I had heard about yoga. I thought it was about breathing, stretching and Hindu gods, which is all fine, but I wanted a workout. (That makes me smile because of the many times I have found myself in child pose looking for the energy to keep going, no matter how effortless I had intended my practice to be--maybe especially because I had made this intention.) Then I found Bikyasa and I was in heaven and in love. I left those classes feeling like superman with the wind at his back. I had to fight the urge to leap off tall buildings. I like to describe Bikyasa as the barb on the hook of yoga that didn't allow me to spit it out. Not the prettiest of analogies, but it is a good one. The workout I found was not just for the body and mind, but for the Spirit, Mind and Body, and in that order.
Monett Merle
Monet Merle E-RYT 200
With an athletic and nutritional background, Monet's focused in yoga is to build strong and healthy bodies with an open heart. Her passion is to inspire and create a space for todays over stimulated lifestyles, not only to work out and look good, but to "work in" and feel good! Her classes are energetic, safe and supportive.She's has studied yoga since 2005, inspired by the teachings of Tiffany Cruikshank, Kathryn Budig, Elena Brower, Jason Crandell, Shawn Cornelison and Richard Lanza between others.
Mindful of everyone’s limitations (physical/emotional) she offers a practice for all levels.
Caryl Ann Williams
Caryl Ann has been teaching yoga around Las Cruces for the last four years. She currently has 120 hours with YogaFit and currently working towards her 200 RYT certification. She loves helping others develop a passion for yoga and has a passion for creating a safe environment for the client in their pursuit of fitness. And for the yogi's that want a challenge, Caryl Ann's style offers spontaneous creative sequence that keeps you on your toes. Her class will force you to let go of your chatty mind or else you'll find yourself on the ground! :) Aside from yoga, Caryl Ann loves to ride her horse with her daughter and chat with her chickens!
Nancy Tafoya
Nancy Garcia Tafoya teaches Kundalini Yoga and Hatha Classes as well as the private yoga therapy sessions.Nancy Garcia Tafoya (Param Seyvak Kaur) is a Kundalini Yoga Certified Level One Instructor, and received 180 class hours of training at the Kundalini Research Institute in Espanola, NM in 2010, have logged an additional 20 hours of course requirements, and continue to attend training and workshops for professional development.
Hailey Jung
Yoga has always been a part of my lifestyle. About five years ago in Seattle, after discovering hot yoga, my practice began to shift from a physical workout to a mental and emotional mediation and a way to manage stress and anxiety. I was forever hooked on the heat, the practice and the way my mind and body felt after each class.

Last October, I received my 200 hour teaching certification with Downtown Desert Yoga and Yoga Alliance. My practice and teaching began with Hot 26, a series I love and truly value. Since deepening my understanding of yoga, I also enjoy teaching vinyasa flow and yin. I will soon begin additional training at Indigo to enhance my teaching and explore new styles, including Bikyasa!

Yoga has completely transformed me, the way I treat my body, the way I live my life and the way I interact with others. I have a new appreciation for each individual body, especially my own. Both practicing and teaching have challenged me to step out of my box, connect with other yogis and activate a flow of creativity and lightness. I look forward to sharing practice everyday as both a teacher and student.

Whitney Koerper
Whitney discovered yoga in 2008 while in nursing school. As her high-energy, intense career as a cardiovascular RN developed, she deepened her practice to help her stay strong and healthy in mind, body, and spirit.
Over the years, she has relied on her yoga practice to help her heal from physical injuries and mental/emotional trauma.
She attained her 200 hour RYT through Gabe Azoulay, and practices/teaches a variety of styles, including Hot Vinyasa, Bik-Yasa, Rocket, Hatha, and Yin. She strives to provide balanced, challenging sequences with options for everyone from beginners to seasoned practitioners. She also enjoys teaching private yoga sessions, with customized sequences based on the client's needs and desires.
Her passion for sharing yoga practice and philosophy comes from deep within. Her only goal as a teacher is to help others deepen their personal practice, overcome obstacles, and live happier, healthier, more balanced lives.
In August 2018, she took over as owner/operator of Indigo Yoga, with a vision to continue to spread the special, power vibe that inspired the creation of the studio: A space where yoga practice begins, deepens, and transform lives.
Amylynn Salopek
Amy Lynn Salopek, is a true Las Cruces native. Growing up Amylynn was always an active and energetic person. She originally becoming interested in Yoga for the killer workout and to loosen tight muscles from years weight training, MMA, and running. Slowly, through years of practice, Amylynn realized how much more she received from her practice besides just the physical benefits. As her practice deepened, Amylynn found that other aspects of her life were being strengthened as well. Yoga began creating new strength in her emotionally, spiritually, and of course, physically. It her dream to share the beautiful gift of Yoga through teaching others the practice.
Gabby Vasquez
Gabby has been practicing Buti yoga since the summer of 2016 and I have been certified since March 2018. She have a passion for making others feel good about themselves. Promoting a healthy life style physically, mentally, and spiritually are all important to me. My intention during class is that everyone will leave with a smile on their face and a full heart. She is always looking to learn, grow, and help others!
Ardas Kaur Khalsa
Ardas Khalsa has spent her life learning and practicing a vast array of healing arts. Her lifes' purpose is to uplift others through a combination of applied intuition, counseling and healing techniques. In addition to being a kundalini yoga teacher, Ardas applies five different types of healing work, including but not limited to: Cranial Sacral Therapy, Polarity therapy, RYSE (Realizing Your Sublime Energies), Sat Nam Rasayan, and crystal energy work. See more at www.altarhome.me. Ardas also holds a Masters Degree in Transformative Leadership Studies from the California Insititute of Integral Studies and worked for Sikh Dharma International producing meditation and yoga courses.She has completed all Kundalini Yoga Research Institute (KRI) Level 2 courses. She recently moved from Santa Fe, NM with her husband Dharam Pal Khalsa D.O., and their two children.
Anabelle Chozet
She took her first hot vinyasa class back in 2012, but it wasn’t until 2016, when she was introduced to Buti Yoga, that she truly fell in love. This practice has not only transformed her physical body, but has kept her mentally sane. It is the perfect outlet to release stress or anxiety, plus it’s FUN. Yoga has connected her mind, body and spirit. When she’s not doing her yoga thing, you can probably find her on her computer, working on digital marketing.
Carissa Owen
As a wandering creative in a perpetual state of excitement and distraction, yoga had been one of the many "should's" in my life. In 2015, I committed to nourishment as a core value and started a regular practice. It was then I realized: Yoga is beyond doing or getting the pose "right."It is system to access the wisdom of the body, bringing it into the conscious mind. Our bodies carry all that we disassociate from, every moment we tuck away without fully expressing ourselves or releasing. We can easily go through our lives without realizing the weight of this unacknowledged energy. The mat becomes a sanctuary; a safe space to gently approach these lessons. Releasing and integrating our beings fully; embodying the pieces within ourselves. I believe each individual has to find their own gateway into yoga. Their own personal entrance into the 6000 year old practice that contains so much magic and medicine. My gateway came in the form of Buti Yoga and Rocket: playful practices, that focus on strengthening and cultivating the creative inner teacher as personal medicine. I cannot wait to share and sweat it out on the mat together!Certifications: 200 hour Yoga Alliance through BUTI Yoga
Deborah Winters
Deborah became interested in yoga as a child. She received her Hatha Yoga RYT-200 in 2006. She completed Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training at the Kundalini Research Institute in Espanola, NM in 2018. In addition, she has a PhD in Cognitive Psychology and Artificial Intelligence, taught at the college level, and owned a Human Factors consulting firm.
Jason Leifeste
Jason initially discovered yoga through a colleague, but more seriously through his sister Kristina, who teaches and practices at Indigo. He found that yoga is not only a physical workout, but also a mental practice. When you combine the two, set an intention, and block out distractions, you can create a state of oneness through your breath. The people, food, weather, and amazing scenery of Southern new Mexico, along with the incredible yoga community, are what inspire him to live life free and do what he loves to do: cook and practice yoga with and for others. The New Mexican Food Truck is his "day job." He received his RYT-200 through Spacecraft yoga, led by local legend Holly Ray Bemis-Shurtz.  He is happy to lead others through Rocket, Ashtanga, and Vinyasa flow yoga classes for all levels of practitioners. When you live life without fear, all is coming and ALL can be accomplished!
Nancy Portillo
Nancy Portillo found yoga in 2015. ButiYoga brought her consistently to the mat as it sanctioned a space for her to bloom; the practice encompasses students with movement + creativity + bumping beats + raw energy and most importantly girl power. After dedicating herself to her personal practice she jumped into her 200 Hour RYT through ButiYoga. Nancy believes yoga is a moving meditation and arms all students with positive thinking, mind+body+spirit connection, and a physical outlet. She encourages all students to enter the practice space with an open heart, and leave without comparisons+judgments.

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